Stone Tapes | Avebury Blissaquamarine

            The Stone Tapes : Avebury Purportedly based on recordings made by a shadowy figure named George Albert Wilberforce, a researcher of sound phenomena, on his travels around historical sites throughout the British Isles. The sounds he captured are claimed to represent “the vestiges of time itself, or are proof of ghosts”. The album combines these eerie sounds with a gripping drama made up of telephone conversations between Kat from the band and the Vicar of Avebury (played by A. Hayward) and the vicar’s wife (played by K. Harvey), in which their reminiscences of George Wilberforce and the events that ensue become increasingly creepy. Like all good dramas, it is accompanied by a soundtrack: A Page from John Britton sets a reading about Avebury and its stones to mindbending ambient electronics and thumping dance beats, while Red Lion Interlude combines trad folk with Wilberforce’s electronic voice phenomena, Faces on 19b is a chilling, horror filmic slice of noise manipulation, West Kennet Ritual is a darkly psychedelic experimental piece, Shelter in the Lychgate is a brief snippet of neoclassical piano music, and Sound 13 is made up of ominous and unsettling drones. Diverse, inventive and spooky; a supernatural thriller in aural form.